Shows and Entertainment request limitless imagination.

Musicians, performance artists, dancers, internationally acclaimed recording artists, and your specific requests for entertainment all expertly coordinated by our elite Artistic Direction.

The wonders of the senses that our technical and artistic expertise are able to bring to life, in bygone days could have only been explained as magic. And yet, even today, “magical” remains the best way to describe the impeccable results of our elite artistic staff’s alchemy. Gathering the finest in technical resources, ideas, experience, and passion, a mere event becomes, instead, a journey of wonder and enchantment. Shows and entertainment can be really magic. An exciting and unexpected phenomenon, that in the mechanics of piecing an occasion together, instead an air of magic is born, creating its own momentum, unexplainable by mere logic. As we work on its creation, behind the scenes we find ourselves transported, as well, by an air of something intangible and spectacular.

Special Projects focused on the Audio-Visual Technologies and the new forms of entertainment.

We are in the continue research of new tools and arts forms that can better transmit the message and the communication of the event.

The best technical advisors and creatives, who are considered “innovators”, collaborate with us, each one in the respective sector, exploring the new age of live entertainment such as video-mapping, holographic projection, sound-design, the innovation in the field of scenic design and, in general, everything about the contents of the event that require a special production and a state of the art staging.

Very often such a research takes cue from a tailor-made project and from the need to achieve a definite effect of an innovative experience.